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33 positive effects, purpose will have on your life

Imagine, how would it feel to jump out of the bed every day with a clear mind, knowing exactly what to do. How would it feel, to know your way and walk it confident by every decision you make, by every action you take. How would your life feel like only have meaningful relationships in your life? Those are just some of the effects purpose has on ones life. In the following list we state 33 positive effects that your purpose will create for you.

  1. You know what you get up for every morning, thus making it easier to leave bed

  2. Having a sense for your own purpose increases your mental health

  3. Purpose provides clarity to take on hard decisions

  4. The own gut feeling becomes strong and reliable

  5. A sense of deep trust emerges

  6. Purpose boosts your self-confidence

  7. Living up to external expectations becomes less and less important

  8. Actions become fulfilling while you do them

  9. Purpose creates a sense of self fulfillment and happiness by itself

  10. The state of flow becomes accessible in every moment

  11. Purpose fills your life experience with meaning

  12. Ego driven goals are replaced by a meaningful direction

  13. Saying “no” becomes easy

  14. Purpose reduces anxiety and depression

  15. Focusing on things that are important to you becomes easy

  16. Purpose lets you define your own rules of success

  17. Experiences, opportunities and people come to your life you only dreamed about before

  18. The perspective how you see yourself and the world around you changes dramatically

  19. Purpose shifts the perspective and turns hindrances into opportunities

  20. The inner motivation becomes strong, clear and independent — freeing one from external short term motivations

  21. Directs you to do more of what you love doing

  22. Things that are irrelevant to you start fading from your life. It becomes easy to overcome bad habits

  23. Authenticity, Integrity and Trustworthy will be attributes people see in you when following your purpose

  24. You will attract people into your life which share perspectives and will support you on your way

  25. You will know who you are, where you come from and where you will go

  26. Purpose will make you live a gratified life

  27. Living a life on purpose makes it more fun and playful to experience the most diverse life situations

  28. The feeling of: “OMG, I am wasting my lifetime” will vanish

  29. Purpose eradicates the “Fear of missing out”

  30. Living a life on purpose even reduces or eliminates the fear of death

  31. You will feel peace and serenity

  32. You will live with more curiosity, with your own personal definition of success

The positive effects of living a purpose-full live will shine through all aspects of life. The way we work, spent our spare time, learn and grow totally transforms. What keeps you from finding and living your purpose? What keeps most of the people from finding and living their purpose? Many times the root cause are the main hindrances like self limiting believes, destructive habits and fear that hinder people from living out what´s deep inside. The good news is, every single one of us can bring meaning to every aspect of their life by uncovering their purpose and it is not even that hard. But when is the best moment to start? Always Now!

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