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How to use your life time wisely

We look at our clocks, watching the 24 hours of a day go by. Assuming that it repeats and the next day we have 24 hours again. And again. And again. It gives us the illusion that our time is unlimited, that we have time to procrastinate on our dreams. But the truth is: Our time runs through a hourglass, for everyone individually but continuously with the same pace and without repetition. In the end, when the last sand grain has fallen - it is over. So why is it that most of us postpone their dream lives into the future, thinking we have to do this or that first.

In the western world we believe in the concept, that we can save time. We do this through working more and more efficient. Each day we tend to get more things done, assuming that this saves us time which we can use for a better life later on. Or in other words, that we can make more money today, which we can use to create a better life later on - it equals to time is money. In my opinion one of the biggest misconceptions of our time. Who truly believes that time equals money has already gambled away his way to happiness.

We can always get back money if we lose it. But we can never get back time we put into something. Therefore it is impossible to "save" time. At this point the common arguments are always the same. "I have to pay bills" - "I have no other choice" - "I am not good enough to do something else". Before I show you how you can commit your time to something without simply trading it in for money, I want to give you an eye opener to break up with the illusion of unlimited time. Take a piece of paper and draw ten times ten squares on it. You know have one big square, containing 100 squares. Each of the squares resembles one year in our life. Assuming that soon the average age will might reach 100 years, you find 100 blocks representing a lifetime. Now color out every year that you have already lived. Look at it. Look at what is left.

It is not that much, right? But there is no need to panic! This exercise is not designed to scare the last colored hairs out of your head - it is the best way to recognize that your personal life time is your most valuable good. Following I want to give you a new perspective on your lifte time, as a starting point so that you can make the best use of your life time!

- Remeber your own limited time, your own death, every day!

- Have a dream and give your best!

- Focus and set your heart and mind to it!

One more thing: Time is an illusion, a valuable one to get along in this world. Truth is that the only moment that ever existed is now. What we refer to as past or future only exists in our thoughts in form of memorys or thinking about the future.

Regardless the situation you are in right now, all that matters is how you set your mind. Maybe you are in a job that you don't like right now, but you decide how you use that time! You can go into that job with a negative mind every day, wasting your life time. Or you go in with the attitude to make the best out of it, learning the most and using this time wisely. In the end its your own thoughts that will create your reality.

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